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How to Print a View in Drupal 7 (and Drupal 6)

The ability to embed a View into templates (like page.tpl.php) opens developers up to all sorts of awesome.

If we understand how to render Views in a template, we can put any data anywhere any way we like. This is one of the many reasons Drupal is touted as super-hero powerful. Wordpress has nothing even close as far as I know (which isn't very far). Well, this thing kind of mimics Views, though I don't dig it. I'm not sure what Joomla has to offer. Mostly because it's Joomla.

Views paired with CCK (or I guess they're just called "fields" now?) pulls out all the stops for the non-php heads seeking dynamic solutions for content display.

So have at it. Use the following code anywhere in your page.tpl.php or node.tpl.php templates to unlock the awesomeness that is Views!

$viewName = 'WHATEVER';
print views_embed_view($viewName);

Pow. That's it. Make sure to replace WHATEVER with the exact machine_name of the View. Unless of course your View name is "WHATEVER", which probably isn't the case.